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Will Government deliver on global plastic pollution pledge?

Despite Sussan Ley’s address on plastics over the weekend at the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) Environment Ministers’ High-Level meeting, it should be noted that the SPREP is the same body the Morrison Government promised to support in 2019 when the Prime Minister made a commitment of $16 million over six years to the Pacific Ocean Litter Project. Yet according to the data available only $837,000 has been advanced so far, with no on-the-ground outcomes, and most of the expended funds paying the salary of one Australian public servant.


NBN cost blowout fails to fix WA digital divide

The latest NBN performance report and addition of suburbs listed for upgrade from copper to fibre still leaves WA short-changed, with the Morrison-Joyce government refusing to prioritise the state that has been lumped with the highest proportion of the worst NBN technology.


Mr Morrison, When are you going to ‘Do the Right Thing’?

While the Morrison-Joyce Government fails to provide national leadership to address the waste crisis, Australians should take every opportunity to support grass-roots campaigns and state/territory government programs that aim to eliminate harmful and unnecessary single-use plastics.


Grants bolster Freo & Cockburn Community groups

Projects for 15 community and sporting groups across the federal electorate of Fremantle are currently at or near completion thanks to a total of $150,000 in Stronger Communities Programme funding.


Morrison government all bluster but no action on tackling harmful waste

If you were a free marketeer and you looked at the circumstances worldwide and in Australia when it comes to waste and recycling, you’d run through all of your hankies, having a very bitter weep, because this is a profoundly broken market, where companies produce items according to a linear model, resources get used once, they get turned into things that are often disposed of after very brief use and then they get left in our environment, and the cost falls on all of us.


Companies must bear oil & gas rig retirement cost

The next time that we hear anyone—someone in the current government or in the corporate world—banging on about the need to remove red tape at all costs, perhaps we should stop and think about why proper regulation is absolutely necessary and what happens when it doesn’t exist.


Government must allow climate change debate

The bottom line is: under this third-term coalition government, Australia continues to suffer by having neither a national energy policy nor a national commitment to a framework for achieving greenhouse gas emissions reductions necessary to protect Australia from the acutely harmful environmental, economic and social impacts of climate change.


Homelessness Week 2021

At a time when the need for social housing far outweighs supply we should make sure our economic recovery is channelled through lasting investments in reducing inequality and creating shared wellbeing.”


Government recycling program in crisis

The Morrison Government’s 1 July export ban on mixed plastics is in disarray after industry confirmed that Australia was not ready to reprocess additional plastics from 1 July, which means plastic may go into landfill or be dangerously stockpiled.


Protecting our oceans from plastic

The export ban on 1 July means that up to 75,000 tonnes of low-quality plastic waste will need to be dealt with in Australia. That’s where it should be dealt with. But in the absence of appropriate infrastructure and the absence of end market and end market for recycled material it’s hard to see how that plastic will not be stockpiled or landfilled. And unfortunately those two basic conditions are not met at the moment. We don’t have the infrastructural capacity for the reprocessing of low-quality mixed plastic waste and we certainly don’t have the end market pull-through.

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