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Circular plan to save oceans

Taken together, Labor’s policies on oceans and on waste and resource management will shift the dial after a decade of decline and inaction.
The Australian community is right to expect their government to lead the way towards greater sustainability with environmental protection an urgent priority, rather than an afterthought or superficial marketing gesture. An Albanese Labor government will take on that responsibility.


Albanese Labor government to invest in South Lake Ottey Centre

Under an Albanese Labor Government, Cockburn families will benefit from investment in the fantastic South Lake Ottey Centre.


More help for southern suburbs families, less pressure on hospitals

Under Labor, families in Perth’s southern suburbs will get the bulk billed urgent medical care they need, without having to wait hours at over-burdened hospital emergency departments.


Labor will clean up Swan & Canning Rivers

An Albanese Labor Government will help clean up the Swan and Canning Rivers to improve the ecological health, water quality, and amenity of Perth’s two major waterways.


Offshore rig decommissioning an opportunity for Australian jobs

This levy is a supportable and sensible means of ensuring the taxpayer does not pay for a very expensive mess that was created by some risky and I would say some questionable corporate conduct.


More budget cuts for the environment

From the government that refuses to lift its pathetic emissions target even one inch, we now see our clean energy agencies cut by more than a third.


Funding delivered for projects across our community

From the installation of solar panels to essential equipment and facility upgrades, a diverse range of projects at 22 community and sporting groups across the federal electorate of Fremantle are currently underway or complete thanks to a total of $217,500 in recent Commonwealth grant funding.


Morrison’s last-minute dry dock won’t fill shipbuilding void

After years of delay, neglect, and snubs when it comes to Western Australian shipbuilding, the PM today begins his last-minute ‘please like me’ tour with the long-awaited announcement of infrastructure that won’t be operational until 2028.


Community battery plan to cut bills and emissions in Cockburn

An Albanese Labor Government will cut power bills and reduce emissions for Cockburn households by installing a community battery in Coogee.


Time for Morrison government to deliver on ocean-plastic promise

If the Morrison Government was serious and responsible in relation to its claims to international environmental leadership, it would actively support an effective and ambitious framework for tackling the harmful and growing impacts of plastic pollution.

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