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Customs Amendment (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement) Bill 2021

When we enter into these agreements, in the interests of the Australian people, we should be looking to achieve trade and investment arrangements that are more fair, responsible and sustainable as well as more free, to overcome barriers that affect Australian producers both when it comes to tariffs and when it comes to non-tariff barriers.


Future submarines program a shambles

Sadly, there’s nothing subtle about the raging bin fire that the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison submarine program has become. The reality is that right now Australia does not have a Future Submarine program. All we know for sure from the recent announcement is as follows: while our existing submarine capability is reaching the end of its operational life, there is no arrangement in place to address that looming capability gap.


Reading vital to a full life

As we look back at the 10th annual Australian Reading Hour, which occurred last month, we should acknowledge that reading is one of the foundation stones of our educational and creative lives. We must support Australian writing to ensure our kids and their kids can see themselves and can hear our distinctive stories and greater diversity in the years to come.


Australian government neglect aiding illegal fishing, woeful labour conditions

We generally don’t know the vessel or the country location, or the legality and authorization of the fishing activity or the compliance with basic workplace rights and safety conditions.


More climate chaos from Morrison-Joyce merry-go-round

We simply cannot in Australia bear another incapacitating dose of this useless and self-serving government. We can’t afford to keep drifting backward into disaster while the Coalition fights itself to a deeply nutty standstill.


12 months later, another Morrison Government recycling commitment falls flat

Today marks 12 months since the Morrison-Joyce Government promised to modernise regulations aimed at improving Australia’s very poor performance when it comes to the recyclability of plastic packaging. True to form, nothing has happened.


Will Government deliver on global plastic pollution pledge?

Despite Sussan Ley’s address on plastics over the weekend at the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) Environment Ministers’ High-Level meeting, it should be noted that the SPREP is the same body the Morrison Government promised to support in 2019 when the Prime Minister made a commitment of $16 million over six years to the Pacific Ocean Litter Project. Yet according to the data available only $837,000 has been advanced so far, with no on-the-ground outcomes, and most of the expended funds paying the salary of one Australian public servant.


NBN cost blowout fails to fix WA digital divide

The latest NBN performance report and addition of suburbs listed for upgrade from copper to fibre still leaves WA short-changed, with the Morrison-Joyce government refusing to prioritise the state that has been lumped with the highest proportion of the worst NBN technology.


Mr Morrison, When are you going to ‘Do the Right Thing’?

While the Morrison-Joyce Government fails to provide national leadership to address the waste crisis, Australians should take every opportunity to support grass-roots campaigns and state/territory government programs that aim to eliminate harmful and unnecessary single-use plastics.


Grants bolster Freo & Cockburn Community groups

Projects for 15 community and sporting groups across the federal electorate of Fremantle are currently at or near completion thanks to a total of $150,000 in Stronger Communities Programme funding.

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