Coalition a government of inequality, inaction, unfairness

People expect their government to put its shoulder to the wheel of achieving positive change, to achieving greater fairness, and to achieving greater equality. This government has failed to manage the economy. It’s less strong and less fair, and they’ve failed to step up to any of the transformative challenges.


Time of reckoning for gender equality

People in my community, especially women, are rightly saying, enough is enough. It is time for all of us, but especially for men to listen to those who have suffered prejudice, harassment and worse, to reflect without defensiveness or anger or deflection and to change and to support change.


Coalition’s harmful energy policy blackout

This government has gone out of its way to cut support, to gut programmes, to play games to indulge in ridiculous scare campaigns around electric vehicles. They’ve subjected Australia to an energy policy blackout. They have been a stinking pestilent wet blanket on energy policy in this country.
And what does that mean in the end? It means higher prices. It means higher emissions. It means no innovation and fewer jobs.


Young people engaged in political conversation

It’s always a privilege to speak with school students about politics, it’s always been important and I think it’s now more important than ever that young people take an interest in problem-solving and decision-making, and how we do those things to the highest standard with the greatest degree of inclusion, how to be involved in how to make change, because that is what politics is about.


Leadership vacuum complicating waste crisis response

Now since 2018, we’ve had a Prime Minister who loves marketing, he loves packaging, there’s been a push to use waste and recycling as a conveyor belt of shiny ‘announceables’ that give the appearance of environmental action, which in turn gives some Liberal members something they can cling on to in the otherwise scorched earth landscape of the coalition’s environmental performance.


Arts is a vital sector

I cannot understand why this government is so blind to the enormous value of arts and cultural organizations and workers in this country. Artists and their work, their music, stories, theatre, dance, film, and the full spectrum of visual arts artists and their work should be acknowledged, they should be supported and cherished – not left scrambling for survival. Not left rolling towards disaster.


Morrison’s NBN a costly disaster

We grasped the NBN nettle and we set out to deliver a fibre-rich network to the people of Australia. They came along and, within the first five minutes of this now eight-year-long government, they put us on the path to an enduring disaster.


Morrison Government’s (Un)Fair Work Act

We have to look at these changes in the broader context that we’ve faced in Australia over the last 10 years and certainly in Australia over the last eight years under this government. The government have sought to undermine workers’ pay and conditions at every turn, and they have been successful. They have been successful in undermining pay and conditions at every turn. They have presided over stagnant or falling real wages. That is a fact. Wages in Australia as a share of national income have fallen to a historic low. In fact, as a share of national income, wages have dropped below 50 per cent for the first time since 1959.


World-class film studios at Fremantle a game-changer for industry

Australia’s creative industry should be a foundation stone of our recovery from the pandemic; but more than that, it should be one of the strongest and brightest vectors of our future productivity, economic activity, and jobs – of our storytelling and engagement with the world.


Morrison Government must release $1.2B from dead Roe 8

Nothing demonstrates the deep uselessness and irrelevance of the WA Liberals better than the fact that after 4 years in which you think they might have done some policy work and considered some new ideas, the self-described centrepiece of their 2021 campaign is – wait for it! – Roe 8 and Roe 9.

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