Climate change inaction a great intergenerational unfairness

The change that we are making with this legislation has been a long time coming and it represents a belated important step on a path that has been neglected for a long time. It is utterly necessary for our broad health and wellbeing—our human health and our environmental health.


Vale Cathy Hall

Mr Wilson (1:39pm) – I want to say a few words in celebration of the life and activism of Cathy Hall, an influential and irrepressible member of the Fremantle community.


Vale Bill Russell

Russell was not a flashy player. He was not a great scorer. He didn’t care for statistics or celebrity. His extraordinary strengths were all the unfashionable building blocks of the game: playing defence, taking rebounds, making the right pass and making the players on his team better.


NBN a shambles of the Coalition’s making

I find it astounding—astonishing—that, on the first Monday of a new parliamentary term, opposition members bowl up and want to talk about the NBN and what a great job they’ve done. It’s over cost, slow and absolutely awful, and, of course, we are now going back to the sensible plan, which was a fibre-rich network for the 21st century.


Execution of Phyo Zeya Thaw a crime against human rights

Zayar Thaw was executed this week. He was 41. His death is a tragedy and crime against human rights.


Offshore rig decommissioning an opportunity for Australian jobs

This levy is a supportable and sensible means of ensuring the taxpayer does not pay for a very expensive mess that was created by some risky and I would say some questionable corporate conduct.


More budget cuts for the environment

From the government that refuses to lift its pathetic emissions target even one inch, we now see our clean energy agencies cut by more than a third.


Poor state of women’s sports facilities

The reality is that sports and community facilities for women and girls are generally abysmal, if they’re not absent altogether. And that’s not right. And it’s not fair. And to the extent that it means women have to change in the car, or outdoors, it is ludicrous, and it is unsafe.


Freedom of belief doesn’t require discrimination

Mr Wilson (12:31am) – Thank you, Deputy Speaker, and I’m glad to make a contribution to the debate on these bills to which in their present form, I’m strongly opposed. There’s no question that the protection of fundamental freedoms and the fight against harmful discrimination are important causes. They deserve to be approached seriously, carefully […]


Morrison’s NDIS locking most vulnerable out

Deputy Speaker, rather than working to strengthen the NDIS this government has removed the reasonable and necessary test, introduced independent assessments with a clear intention of restricting access, made it harder to appeal NDIS decisions, and explored other ways to push people off the NDIS and into less suitable mainstream services.

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