Strengthening Australia’s ozone protections

We are absolutely capable of doing the things that are in this bill and the things that we committed to at COP27. Through our increased emissions reduction target and energy transition arrangements we’re putting in place, we are 100 per cent capable not only of doing our part in the necessary energy and greenhouse gas emission task but of showing leadership.


Restoring funding and certainty to community radio

Community radio is super, super important right across this country. One in five Australians listened to community radio every week; two thirds of community radio stations exist in rural and regional Australia. It is just a vital part of our national, cultural and communicative life.


Australia is back as a good climate neighbour

So, while the motion seeks to whip up anger out of misunderstanding and xenophobia and small mindedness, the reality is that after a decade of climate denialism and the clownish ineptitude of those opposite, the Albanese Labor Government is returning Australia to its historical position and to its historical character and values as a cooperative, supportive, influential middle power. That’s who we are and without question that is in our national interest.


Fremantle & Cockburn community’s environmental restoration efforts

There is no doubt in my experience that the broader community, especially young people, have a strong desire to see more effective environmental protection. There is a great willingness to be directly involved in that work.


Labor restoring Australia’s international diplomacy

Now, as we emerge from COVID-19, there is an opportunity to refresh and reframe our development assistance programs so we will once again fulfil Australia’s historic role as a supportive, responsive, collaborative regional partner and as a middle power looking to have a positive influence in areas like climate, ocean protection, fair and free trade, peace, and disarmament.


Treaties Committee Reports – Free Trade Agreements with UK and India

It’s the committee’s view that the Australian government should consider how it can put in place improved consultation processes with all stakeholders as negotiations are undertaken. That is, indeed, a platform commitment of the Australian Labor Party.


Live music industry must address workplace harm

Live music can be wild. Live music can push buttons and boundaries. It’s okay if the noise is a little bit dangerous. It’s great sometimes if the lyrics and the performance are on the edge or over the top. But it is 100 per cent not okay when the live music environment is an environment in which violence, sexual assault, harassment, or anything that is fundamentally exploitative and non-consensual occurs. Those behaviours are not okay anywhere.


India & UK Free Trade Agreements will enable trade diversification and growth

Both of these agreements are especially timely at a point where Australia needs to enable trade diversification as much as trade growth. The effective ratification of the agreements before the end of the year will mean that Australian exporting businesses will get two closely successive tariff cuts.


Youth Voice to Parliament: Amelia Turk

My office received a number of excellent speeches from writers between the ages of 13 and 21 on topics including health care, disability access and the environment. I can tell you it was a very difficult choice to make, but the speech I’ve chosen to deliver in this place was written by 16-year-old Amelia Turk, who lives in Fremantle and is in Year 11 at John Curtin College of the Arts, which I attended a long time ago.


Secure jobs, better pay vital to fair Australia

Despite the enthusiasm by those opposite for an exercise in collective amnesia, Australians will not forget; we will not forget. They’re not going to forget that the hopeless Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison government went out of their way to break the social compact in this country, that they went out of their way to break our bargaining system, to dud workers and to demonise workers’ representatives.

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