Vale Cathy Hall

Mr Wilson (1:39pm) – I want to say a few words in celebration of the life and activism of Cathy Hall, an influential and irrepressible member of the Fremantle community.


Vale Bill Russell

Russell was not a flashy player. He was not a great scorer. He didn’t care for statistics or celebrity. His extraordinary strengths were all the unfashionable building blocks of the game: playing defence, taking rebounds, making the right pass and making the players on his team better.


NBN a shambles of the Coalition’s making

I find it astounding—astonishing—that, on the first Monday of a new parliamentary term, opposition members bowl up and want to talk about the NBN and what a great job they’ve done. It’s over cost, slow and absolutely awful, and, of course, we are now going back to the sensible plan, which was a fibre-rich network for the 21st century.


Execution of Phyo Zeya Thaw a crime against human rights

Zayar Thaw was executed this week. He was 41. His death is a tragedy and crime against human rights.


Fremantle headspace set to receive funding boost

Young people in the federal electorate of Fremantle will soon benefit from improvements to the local headspace youth mental health centre, with the Albanese Government providing $333,333 in funding to Fremantle headspace.


Julian Assange should be free

We only guard against the misuse of power through fundamental freedoms, like the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press, and we must protect those things. And Julian Assange’s case is an example of the importance of protecting those kinds of freedoms.


Funds delivered for local tree canopy expansion

The native tree canopy across the federal electorate of Fremantle will grow substantially with the planting of thousands of saplings and semi-mature trees across 10 projects through the Planting Trees for the Queen’s Jubilee program.


Circular plan to save oceans

Taken together, Labor’s policies on oceans and on waste and resource management will shift the dial after a decade of decline and inaction.
The Australian community is right to expect their government to lead the way towards greater sustainability with environmental protection an urgent priority, rather than an afterthought or superficial marketing gesture. An Albanese Labor government will take on that responsibility.


Albanese Labor government to invest in South Lake Ottey Centre

Under an Albanese Labor Government, Cockburn families will benefit from investment in the fantastic South Lake Ottey Centre.


More help for southern suburbs families, less pressure on hospitals

Under Labor, families in Perth’s southern suburbs will get the bulk billed urgent medical care they need, without having to wait hours at over-burdened hospital emergency departments.

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