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More waste, more rubbish: Government spends millions on greenwashing, again

Departmental officials today confirmed that Scott Morrison’s $19.6 million Remade in Australia campaign is nothing but wasteful hollow packaging and is not a logo or label that allows consumers to identify products that include recycled material.


OPINION: Stop the packaging scourge

As with any piece of ineffective regulation, the existing framework is not only failing to deliver on its aims, but is allowing free-riders to avoid responsibility and gain a benefit over those companies that do the right thing.


OPINION: A health check on the road to circularity

As we look to 2022, there is every reason to be optimistic about Australia’s potential to take on the big task of creating a circular economy as part of the wider push towards sustainability. The community wants that to occur, and industry will rise to the challenge if provided with a clear and consistent framework. To join those two vectors of change we need policy leadership that is comprehensive, coordinated, harmonised, and strategic.


Poor state of women’s sports facilities

The reality is that sports and community facilities for women and girls are generally abysmal, if they’re not absent altogether. And that’s not right. And it’s not fair. And to the extent that it means women have to change in the car, or outdoors, it is ludicrous, and it is unsafe.


Freedom of belief doesn’t require discrimination

Mr Wilson (12:31am) – Thank you, Deputy Speaker, and I’m glad to make a contribution to the debate on these bills to which in their present form, I’m strongly opposed. There’s no question that the protection of fundamental freedoms and the fight against harmful discrimination are important causes. They deserve to be approached seriously, carefully […]


Summer ban on live export must remain

At the outset, I make the important general point that what should have occurred is a focused inquiry into the terms and details of a managed transition out of the live sheep export trade altogether in favour of an expanded higher-value chilled and frozen meat trade. Such work is long overdue.


Scott Morrison’s lofty waste claims don’t match reality

Scott Morrison wants people to believe his Government’s late and light-touch waste reforms make up for its gross failures on climate change and environmental protection. While he will continue to make superficial and shiny claims, the reality is another area of policy bungles, ramping plastic production and underachievement.


Government must not repeat past mistakes on heritage reform

Labor has always said that First Nations peoples must be at the centre of decision-making on all the key issues – including heritage protection – if Australia is to make real progress in closing the gap and reconciliation.


Morrison’s NDIS locking most vulnerable out

Deputy Speaker, rather than working to strengthen the NDIS this government has removed the reasonable and necessary test, introduced independent assessments with a clear intention of restricting access, made it harder to appeal NDIS decisions, and explored other ways to push people off the NDIS and into less suitable mainstream services.


Voter ID law is voter suppression

Make no mistake, make no mistake, this bill is a cheap and nasty piece of self-interested, anti-democratic bastardry whose only purpose is to give this awful, hopeless, shameless, desperate, do-nothing, stand-for-nothing government a chance of squeaking back into office, squeaking back into office, while Australians have their democratic rights trampled over by the by the rorters and the wasters and the scandal-mongers of those opposite. It is disgusting

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