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World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is an opportunity to remember that the oceans are the lungs of our planet and they sustain biodiversity that is essential to life on earth.


More funding needed to keep Australia’s screen industry trucking

Film-making is one of a number of creative industries that should be a foundation stone of Australia’s economic diversification and job creation in future. Screen industries – which include film & television, but also gaming – are exactly the kind of sophisticated, high-tech, and high-skill human capital dependent manufacturing that we should be looking to build.


Liberal-National Government taking Australians for mugs

It’s an instalment of economic mismanagement, and social and environmental neglect that is entirely consistent with the style and substance of the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison, dot dot dot government, now into its eight year, now into its third term focused on nothing other than manipulating and spinning and fear mongering its way into another term. Don’t let them do it to you. Don’t let them do it to Australia.


Morrison’s vaccine roll-out shambles

We need to get Australia vaccinated. It is the key to our recovery. It will make us safer from the serious risk that remains; it will help Australians return home; and it will mean, in due course, that we can open up for people to go to and from Australia.


Screen industries key to Australian jobs’ future

The circumstances of the pandemic have emphasised many of Australia’s strengths, and one of them is as a place where screen productions of the highest quality can safely happen. We can make more of this in future, but only if we enable it. For a long time, we’ve needed a balanced producer offset for film and television without cutting one to meet the other, and thankfully the government has abandoned its plan to cut the offset for film. We need strong and fair local content requirements both in Australia and especially for the streaming services that derive billions of dollars from Australian consumers. And there has to be proper funding for Screen Australia and for our national broadcasters, which of course this government has scandalously cut time after time despite promising that would not be the case.


Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

All of us who get to argue in this place for environmental and heritage protection know that we do so on the foundation that is laid through community activism—local people, traditional owners, action groups, preservation societies, history buffs, bushwalkers, artists and amateur naturalists, one and all. It is local people who make the case for protecting the things we will share.


Private health insurance income thresholds

As far as public goods go, in my view, it’s what comes first. When you think of the great public goods like education, our environment and public health, I think most people would agree that health is what you need to achieve first and foremost. So you want the best quality of care, and Australians have a right to expect that.


Morrison’s “landmark” recycling laws fall short in year one

Evidence obtained in this week’s Senate Estimates again shows the Grand Canyon that exists between announcement and delivery with the Morrison Government, this time with a new instalment of inaction when it comes to tackling Australia’s plastic waste crisis.


Forgiveness, coexistence, non-violence keys to Israel-Palestine peace

The airstrikes followed from the rockets, but are not justified by the rockets, just as the rockets followed from the bullets in the Al Aqsa mosque, and are not justified by that violence. The airstrikes are wrong, the rockets are wrong, the displacement and oppression of Palestinians is wrong. The illegal settlement of their land is wrong, and the existential threats to Israel are wrong.


Juukan Gorge disaster has not delivered effective change

Following the explosion of the caves in Juukan Gorge, no one can seriously argue the current system is working. Our whole approach needs to improve. If we don’t do better when it comes to protecting our heritage places, they will continue to be at risk of being damaged or lost, especially in the case of First Nations cultural sites and material.

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