Juukan Gorge travesty could happen again tomorrow

When the action so far in response to the Juukan Gorge disaster has been the usual government gobbledygook about initiating consultation, and convening further meetings in the future, and better operationalizing existing departmental responsibilities, there’s not a lot of cause for hope.


Morrison Government’s hollow trees promise

It is with bitter irony, therefore, perhaps with shamelessnesss, that the government has announced today new measures that apparently could unlock up to 100 million trees over the next decade. And it includes the hopeful note that this will contribute significantly towards the government’s 1 billion trees plan. Well, that would be something, wouldn’t it, considering the plan has so far delivered zero trees from 2018 to 2021. Four years and no trees, but today, we get another announcement. And what’s the bet it’ll be like all the other promises from this government.


Customs Amendment (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement) Bill 2021

When we enter into these agreements, in the interests of the Australian people, we should be looking to achieve trade and investment arrangements that are more fair, responsible and sustainable as well as more free, to overcome barriers that affect Australian producers both when it comes to tariffs and when it comes to non-tariff barriers.


Future submarines program a shambles

Sadly, there’s nothing subtle about the raging bin fire that the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison submarine program has become. The reality is that right now Australia does not have a Future Submarine program. All we know for sure from the recent announcement is as follows: while our existing submarine capability is reaching the end of its operational life, there is no arrangement in place to address that looming capability gap.


Reading vital to a full life

As we look back at the 10th annual Australian Reading Hour, which occurred last month, we should acknowledge that reading is one of the foundation stones of our educational and creative lives. We must support Australian writing to ensure our kids and their kids can see themselves and can hear our distinctive stories and greater diversity in the years to come.


Australian government neglect aiding illegal fishing, woeful labour conditions

We generally don’t know the vessel or the country location, or the legality and authorization of the fishing activity or the compliance with basic workplace rights and safety conditions.


More climate chaos from Morrison-Joyce merry-go-round

We simply cannot in Australia bear another incapacitating dose of this useless and self-serving government. We can’t afford to keep drifting backward into disaster while the Coalition fights itself to a deeply nutty standstill.


Morrison government all bluster but no action on tackling harmful waste

If you were a free marketeer and you looked at the circumstances worldwide and in Australia when it comes to waste and recycling, you’d run through all of your hankies, having a very bitter weep, because this is a profoundly broken market, where companies produce items according to a linear model, resources get used once, they get turned into things that are often disposed of after very brief use and then they get left in our environment, and the cost falls on all of us.


Companies must bear oil & gas rig retirement cost

The next time that we hear anyone—someone in the current government or in the corporate world—banging on about the need to remove red tape at all costs, perhaps we should stop and think about why proper regulation is absolutely necessary and what happens when it doesn’t exist.


Government must allow climate change debate

The bottom line is: under this third-term coalition government, Australia continues to suffer by having neither a national energy policy nor a national commitment to a framework for achieving greenhouse gas emissions reductions necessary to protect Australia from the acutely harmful environmental, economic and social impacts of climate change.

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