Committee Report: Delegation to India

It was particularly useful with respect to learning about India’s energy challenges and achievements, which I think would surprise a lot of people in Australia. For example, India already derives a substantially higher proportion of its energy from renewable sources than we do here in Australia.


Committee Report: Transparency in Carbon Emissions Accounting

At present, Australia’s system of greenhouse gas accounting and reporting is structured to be in compliance with agreements that flow from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.


Product Stewardship (Oil) Amendment Bill 2020

In another area of Australian life, if a person found a loophole in a legal definition so they could claim single-parent payments when they weren’t a single parent or a disability payment when they didn’t have a disability, we wouldn’t be sanguine about that. We wouldn’t say, ‘That’s clever; good on you for figuring that out and going down that path.’ I’m pretty sure I know how that would be treated in the mainstream media.


Indigenous heritage protection woefully inadequate

The bottom line is the protection of Indigenous cultural heritage in Australia is woefully inadequate. There is no effective national protection framework. I’m not sure we needed the Juukan Gorge tragedy to tell us that.


Live sheep export must end

It took this government six years to acknowledge and fix their mistake in removing Labor’s reform, to create an Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports, but with all their talk of imposing proper regulation on an industry that has been a serial offender in terms of committing gross and grave animal welfare failures, there is let-off after let-off after let-off that follows breach after breach after failure.


We can do better on childcare

In my electorate of Fremantle, there are 75 childcare facilities that provide early education to nearly 6,000 families and 7½ thousand children. Many of these families are dealing with the acute economic impacts of the coronavirus, and those impacts have been hardest on low-income families and hardest on women.


Labor’s plain tobacco packaging win

Mr Wilson (1:30pm) – Deputy Speaker, we should celebrate the fact that Australia has won the case at the World Trade Organisation in relation to our plain packaging tobacco reforms introduced by Julia Gillard in 2012.


Great Barrier Reef tourism support

Like the university sector and the arts and creative industries, our businesses and workers in the tourism and events sector are not seen for the true value of their contribution. The government’s economic response to the pandemic, unfortunately, reflects that blind spot.


June Hutchison OAM

I cannot think of a better model of engaged and principled citizenship than June Hutchison. She influenced and inspired the civic participation of many people in my community over a long period of time and I’m very glad to be one of those people.


Social license missing from Coalition’s nuclear push

If we know anything about nuclear technology, we know that it relies upon toxic radioactive material and it generates toxic radioactive waste. That’s why there are serious engineering challenges in relation to waste and that’s why there are quite legitimately very serious issues in relation to social licence around nuclear technology. People are wary of it, especially of nuclear waste, and they should be. We have to get towards a long-term disposal solution, and yet this bill raises two serious questions about how the government wants to take us there.

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