Strengthened ‘Polar Code’ will curb shipping pollution

Mr Wilson (5:23pm) — I am glad to be speaking in support of the Protection of the Sea (Prevention of Pollution from Ships) Amendment (Polar Code) Bill, which amends the Protection of the Sea (Prevention of Pollution from Ships) Act. It brings into our domestic law obligations under the International Code for Ships Operating in Polar […]


We need a high quality & accessible NBN

There are areas like Aubin Grove in my electorate which currently have no access to line broadband and where the quality of wireless connection is very poor to say the least. While I understand that a program as large and as varied as the rollout of the NBN has to proceed according to a range […]


Broken GST system failing WA

But over the last decade, off the back of a strong resources economy, Western Australia has made a significant GST contribution to the wellbeing of the Commonwealth. We have been a net contributor by a large margin and I believe most Western Australians are proud to have been able to do that, but the situation […]


Centrelink is a mess

They typically include people who wait inordinate amounts of time on the telephone, people who are perpetually directed to use online processes that often do not work, people who lodge claims and send letters that go without response for months and people who provide documents that magically disappear and are requested again. These problems have […]


The Summer of Roe 8

Mr Wilson (7:40pm) — A couple of Saturdays ago, a summer that has at times been infuriating and heartbreaking changed into something altogether different. Back in December, it was another story. Back in December, without good reason, without proper planning or preparation, work began on the destruction of 100 hectares of remnant bushland in the Beeliar […]


We must protect penalty rates

Mr Wilson (11:07am) — I am glad to support the private member’s motion brought forward by the member for Herbert, and I thank her for giving us the opportunity to debate the issue of penalty rates. What is at stake here is a longstanding feature of the Australian social compact. People are rightly compensated for working […]


Entitled Liberals doing nothing for WA

Mr Wilson (4:26pm) — I am so sorry that I do not have my full five minutes or much longer, because there are so many things the member for Tangney has said that I would like to respond to. He should get in contact with the former Treasurer and former Minister for Transport—one of about 17 […]


Community Legal Centres essential to a fair justice system

Mr Wilson (10:55am) — Last year the National Association of Community Legal Centres held their annual conference in Fremantle, and it was a privilege to be in the company of people from around Australia who undertake such vitally important work. If the test of a lawyer or paralegal or tenancy advocate is the depth of their […]


WA Government setting all the wrong records

Mr Wilson (1:39pm) — Since the turn of the year, Western Australia has taken the mantle of bearing the highest unemployment in the country. The Barnett government can now add that milestone to its other achievements, including the highest per capita state debt and the highest inequality in the nation. In my electorate and in Western […]


Coalition Government taking WA for granted

Mr Wilson (1:02pm) — I thank the member for Forrest for moving the motion, and I thank my Western Australian Labor colleagues for responding to the topic and coming here to speak today. It is a shame that we have not seen a full book on the other side. Support for regional Western Australia is […]

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