Where’s our infrastructure funding, Malcolm?

Mr Wilson (3:38pm) — Proper infrastructure investment is vital. It is vital because it removes capacity constraints, it boosts productivity and it supports jobs in the short, medium and long term. It is particularly important in Western Australia at the moment because of the prevailing economic conditions. We are in recession in Western Australia. We have […]


Renewable energy is the way forward

Mr Wilson (4:01pm) — Energy policy and the proper administration of our electricity system are critical to this nation’s future. The last thing we need is for energy policy to become a blackout blame game, and for it to turn into an exercise in bringing your pet rock into question time. The member for Barker said […]


National framework will improve swimming, water safety

Mr Wilson (5:45pm) — I thank the member for Kingsford Smith for bringing this motion, and I thank all those who have contributed to the debate. From Maroubra in Kingsford Smith to Sand Tracks Beach in Fremantle or from Coogee to ‘Coo-gee’—as we call it—our electorates pretty much span the country. Considering the size of our […]


Seafarers and our ports deserve better

Mr Wilson (1:17pm) — The stated intention of the Transport Security Amendment (Serious or Organised Crime) Bill 2016 is to make our ports and airports safer to the extent that it changes the approach to regulating the maritime security identity card and the aviation security identity card—the MSIC and ASIC—respectively. It has to be said at […]


Barnett’s achievements: debt and unemployment

Mr Wilson (4:25pm) — I am glad to have this opportunity to speak about the government’s failure to protect workers and the social and economic consequences of that failure. I am not glad to speak about the circumstances that prevail currently in Western Australia, because the reality is Western Australia is in a recession. We have […]


Provisions in TPP expose Australia to unnecessary risk

I thank the Chair, the member for Fadden, for the way he guided us through the process and, of course, my fellow Labor members of the committee for the way they approached the evidence and the submissions that we received in hearings. The report enables ratification of the TPP to occur, and that report was […]


Marine Parks deserve better than Government’s windback and delay

That this House: notes that in 2012, following a comprehensive and rigorous process, the then Labor Government declared 40 marine parks in Commonwealth waters, creating the world’s first and largest comprehensive national network of marine parks; notes with concern that there is increasing pressure on Australia’s marine environment, as indicated by frequent and severe bleaching […]


Global ban on nuclear weapons essential

Mr Wilson (7:49pm) — I take this opportunity to reflect on an aspect of President Obama’s leadership that may well be sorely missed in the near future, especially if countries like Australia are not prepared to act more conscientiously on the issue of nuclear disarmament. Earlier this year, President Obama presided over the fourth Nuclear Security […]


Mahon’s republic injustice continues

On 11 November 1920, Hugh Mahon, who was originally the member for the Federation seat of Coolgardie, and subsequently the member for Kalgoorlie, was expelled from his place in the House of Representatives. His seat was declared vacant and he lost the by-election that followed. As a new member, I am thankful to say I […]


Value capture and public transport in Fremantle

They also bear the heaviest travel burden in both time and cost. Our challenge is to avoid further unnecessary sprawl and to provide much better public transport and to do so at a time when capital for infrastructure funding is tight. In that sense, it is a familiar problem, and we have wrestled with it […]

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