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Recycling plant closure shows severity of waste crisis

We already know that plastic is being stockpiled around the country, which presents a fire risk – as we’ve seen in Western Australia – and in some cases it’s being sent to landfill. The closure of the second largest recycling facility in Sydney shows that market conditions are getting worse and our existing system is getting weaker […]


New plan needed for environment

Australia’s most endangered marsupial, Gilbert’s potoroo, was almost burnt to extinction in the fire at Two People’s Bay near Albany in 2015. The species was saved by the courageous firefighting and animal rescue efforts on the day. Since that time the painstaking work of local rangers and the valiant Gilbert’s Potoroo Action Group has stabilised […]


New report punches holes in Morrison’s so-called waste plan

Global recycling market analysis prepared by consulting firm Sustainable Resource Use has warned the Federal Government that Australia may need to increase local recycling processing capability by 400%. This comes at a time when the scale of plastic recycling in Australia is lower now than it was in 2005, and around the country plastic is […]


GP costs in Fremantle 2nd highest in WA

Official new data confirms what people in Fremantle already know – that health costs have never been higher than under Scott Morrison.


Product Stewardship Review: 1000 days and counting

Following confirmation that the Morrison Government’s cornerstone waste project – the National Recycling Investment Fund – was only established this week, we can now add the woefully late review of the Product Stewardship Act to the pile of dormant waste promises made by the Liberals. Announced by then environment Minister Josh Frydenburg on 10 March […]


Coalition ignores evidence to green light nuclear power

Joint media release from the Hon Mark Butler MP, Shadow Minister for Climate Change And Energy, and Josh Wilson MP, Shadow Assistant Minister for the Environment and Deputy Chair House Standing Committee On The Environment And Energy. The Liberal dominated House Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy today handed down a reportrecommending nuclear power be […]


Morrison’s “Recycling Investment Fund” is wasting away

In response to Labor’s questions on notice in Senate Estimates, the CEFC advised that: No projects have been financed to date under this Fund, as it does not yet exist. Since the Government announced the Recycling Investment Fund on 3 May, no direction has been given by the responsible Ministers authorising the CEFC to establish the fund that is […]


Jobs will go offshore if PM fails to support innovation to fix waste crisis

Developed by Dr Len Humphreys and a counterpart from Sydney University, Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, the technology converts plastic back into source materials, including oil. This is a remarkable and promising breakthrough that illustrates the great potential in Australian scientific research and innovation. It should be the basis of better recycling outcomes, a cleaner environment, and […]


Morrison fails his own test on plastics export ban after talking big at UN

Friday’s Meeting of Environment Ministers communique stated that a plastics export ban will not commence until 2021, with a ban on other materials to wait until 2022, years later than anticipated. Serious doubts also exist in industry as to whether this can be delivered without significant financial support from the Commonwealth. Two-thirds of the government’s so-called recycling investment plan […]


Meeting of environment ministers is a reminder that this government has no plan for our country

It has been more than a month since Scott Morrison lectured the UN general assembly about recycling and said waste exports would be banned from 2020. In that time, his government’s lack of a recycling plan has already caused this December’s COAG meeting to be cancelled – preventing a whole range of other matters of […]

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