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Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 75 years on: Growing nuclear risks demand global action

There is no question that Australia has the capacity to significantly lift our diplomatic focus and resources in order to play a greater role in global efforts to build regional and international cooperation on this issue, to resist the further proliferation of nuclear weapons, and to make progress towards their ultimate elimination.


Live export exemption another failure

The fact that an exemption is even being considered is entirely the fault of the live exporters. Choosing to run a ship that was riddled with coronavirus so close to the deadline with no proper health or contingency planning is just another example of how the live sheep export industry operates. But why would it change when there is an endless supply of second chances?


Environment grants a timely boost to local conservation

A number of endangered species and threatened ecological communities throughout the Fremantle electorate will benefit from much-needed local conservation efforts this winter, with support from the Communities Environment Programme.


Josh Wilson calls on the government to help tradies in trouble

Housing construction work is about to fall off a cliff and the Morrison Government has no plan to help tradespeople in trouble.


WA needs decision on subs

At a time when we are rightly focused on how to create greater self-reliance and sovereign capability, we cannot afford to risk WA’s proven shipbuilding and broader defence manufacturing sector. Indeed it should be strengthened so the long-held and logical ambition of a ‘two oceans’ strategy with two shipbuilding hubs can be realised for Australia’s benefit.


What sort of world do we want now?

Nothing that I have seen in my life has swept through so widely and gravely, changing the way we live, and not just re-setting our horizon, but making the horizon hard to see.


Morrison’s NBN tech-mess falls hardest on WA

The ACCC’s latest broadband performance report again shows that the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison Government’s multi-technology mess approach to the National Broadband Network is fundamentally substandard because of its reliance on the failed fibre-to-the-node technology.


‘Class A’ Reserve for Beeliar Wetlands

Today’s announcement that the Beeliar Wetlands will be listed as a ‘Class A’ Reserve is an incredibly welcome and hard-earned victory for the thousands of people who have campaigned to see this rare and fragile wetland protected.


Federal stimulus must go beyond roads

It’s hard to think of a better delivery partner than local government, which is well-placed to prioritise community need and well-structured for the task of managing risk and securing value for money.


This ANZAC Day is a special opportunity for reflection on community service and sacrifice

This year our commemorations and reflections on ANZAC day will be different, but no less deep. Indeed it provides an opportunity to consider that in times of crisis we can choose to live up to the best in our national character – to be compassionate, to show courage, to respect sacrifice.  As well as remembering […]

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