Leadership vacuum complicating waste crisis response

Now since 2018, we’ve had a Prime Minister who loves marketing, he loves packaging, there’s been a push to use waste and recycling as a conveyor belt of shiny ‘announceables’ that give the appearance of environmental action, which in turn gives some Liberal members something they can cling on to in the otherwise scorched earth landscape of the coalition’s environmental performance.


Government painfully slow to deliver on Pacific Ocean clean-up

The Coalition’s much-vaunted 2019 election commitment to help tackle plastic pollution in the Pacific has gone nowhere.


Morrison’s late & light-touch plastic plan is see-through flimsy

The Morrison Government’s much-vaunted National Plastics Plan has arrived late, super light-on for substance and padded-out with recycled announcements.


Minister Ley is on notice

The Morrison Government must ensure the construction of a go-kart track at Wahluu, Mt Panorama, in NSW does not go ahead until there is a proper determination on any impacts for potentially significant First Nations’ heritage.


Morrison’s plastic inaction feels like ‘last straw’ for environment

While the Morrison government arranges photo opps to cheer on McDonalds’ renunciation of the plastic straw, there is nothing to celebrate in the fact that plastic recycling has fallen from 12 per cent to 9 per cent on its watch.


Feral Cats report shows Morrison Government failures

Scientists in this space talk about not just actual extinction but the extinction of experience. Unfortunately, many Australians will go for a walk in the bush and see virtually no animals and think, ‘Well, this is Australia. It is a harsh landscape. There are just not that many animals around or perhaps they are hiding.’ That isn’t true. Our country used to be full of animals. They used to be everywhere until we destroyed it. We have an opportunity to stop that destruction, but the government needs to get the report, pay attention to it and respond with the kinds of measures that it calls for.


Bushfire and environmental protection failure

It’s bewildering that in these circumstances, the government has no interest in acting to address Australia’s failed environmental protection framework. Instead it seeks to maintain the status quo –a weak and ineffective set of national standards, with no monitoring and compliance agency to enforce them.


Bi-partisan cat inquiry reveals government failure to protect threatened species

On the current trajectory, the future for many of our native species, particularly mammals and birds, is bleak. Yet in response to the patent lack of target achievement under the current 5-year Threatened Species Strategy, the Morrison Government has recently announced a new 10-year strategy without additional resources or funding. This is an unacceptable case of kicking the can down the road, and Australia’s native wildlife will pay the price for this neglect.


Federal government drops plan for recycled content purchasing targets

Labor has accused the Morrison government of missing a major chance to boost take-up of recycled content in government contracting by opting not to set new rules for procurement.


Morrison Government fails to ensure Commonwealth purchasing supports recycling

The only waste policy change this Government has delivered is the straightforward framework that formalises the ban other countries have imposed on Australia’s waste exports. Yet in the absence of both the infrastructure for increased recycling and the end market for recycled material Australia’s growing waste will inevitably need to be stockpiled or landfilled.

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