Circular plan to save oceans

Taken together, Labor’s policies on oceans and on waste and resource management will shift the dial after a decade of decline and inaction.
The Australian community is right to expect their government to lead the way towards greater sustainability with environmental protection an urgent priority, rather than an afterthought or superficial marketing gesture. An Albanese Labor government will take on that responsibility.


Labor will clean up Swan & Canning Rivers

An Albanese Labor Government will help clean up the Swan and Canning Rivers to improve the ecological health, water quality, and amenity of Perth’s two major waterways.


More budget cuts for the environment

From the government that refuses to lift its pathetic emissions target even one inch, we now see our clean energy agencies cut by more than a third.


Time for Morrison government to deliver on ocean-plastic promise

If the Morrison Government was serious and responsible in relation to its claims to international environmental leadership, it would actively support an effective and ambitious framework for tackling the harmful and growing impacts of plastic pollution.


More waste, more rubbish: Government spends millions on greenwashing, again

Departmental officials today confirmed that Scott Morrison’s $19.6 million Remade in Australia campaign is nothing but wasteful hollow packaging and is not a logo or label that allows consumers to identify products that include recycled material.


OPINION: Stop the packaging scourge

As with any piece of ineffective regulation, the existing framework is not only failing to deliver on its aims, but is allowing free-riders to avoid responsibility and gain a benefit over those companies that do the right thing.


OPINION: A health check on the road to circularity

As we look to 2022, there is every reason to be optimistic about Australia’s potential to take on the big task of creating a circular economy as part of the wider push towards sustainability. The community wants that to occur, and industry will rise to the challenge if provided with a clear and consistent framework. To join those two vectors of change we need policy leadership that is comprehensive, coordinated, harmonised, and strategic.


Scott Morrison’s lofty waste claims don’t match reality

Scott Morrison wants people to believe his Government’s late and light-touch waste reforms make up for its gross failures on climate change and environmental protection. While he will continue to make superficial and shiny claims, the reality is another area of policy bungles, ramping plastic production and underachievement.


Government must not repeat past mistakes on heritage reform

Labor has always said that First Nations peoples must be at the centre of decision-making on all the key issues – including heritage protection – if Australia is to make real progress in closing the gap and reconciliation.


Déjà vu as Morrison’s waste claims turn out to be rubbish

Plastic recycling is getting worse according to a report issued by the Australian Packaging Covenant this week.

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