Labor will clean up Swan & Canning Rivers

Published on Thu 14 April 2022 11:00am

An Albanese Labor Government will help clean up the Swan and Canning Rivers to improve the ecological health, water quality, and amenity of Perth’s two major waterways.

The $15 million commitment is from Labor’s $200 million Urban Rivers and Catchment Program and will go towards foreshore restoration and stabilisation, revegetation, improving wildlife habitat and water quality, sediment and waste removal, and drainage improvements, across a range of sites.

Climate change, growing development pressures, intensification of use, and increasing pollutant inflows along both the Swan and Canning Rivers have resulted in declining biodiversity, degraded foreshores and riverbanks, and poor water quality. Restricted natural flow has also exacerbated the worsening ecological condition of the Canning River and its tributaries.

Labor’s urban rivers and catchments investment will fund projects across the country to restore urban river systems, catchments, and wetlands.

Fixing up waterways and the catchment areas around them will improve water quality, help restore habitat for animals, and deliver positive outcomes for nature and communities.

The range of projects along the Swan and Canning Rivers have the backing of scientific experts, local government, conservation, and environmental friendship groups.

Only a Labor Government will restore Australia’s urban rivers and catchments and clean up the Swan and Canning Rivers.

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