Community battery plan to cut bills and emissions in Cockburn

Published on Thu 3 March 2022 3:32pm

An Albanese Labor Government will cut power bills and reduce emissions for Cockburn households by installing a community battery in Coogee.

More than two in five Cockburn households have installed rooftop solar panels.

But very few have capacity to install a home battery, which means households and businesses aren’t getting the full benefits of rooftop solar, and there is additional pressure on our electricity grid. 

Improving renewable storage is the next step in Australia’s energy transition. 

Just as Labor initiated the home-solar revolution, we now have the plan and the vision to roll out new storage and grid technology.

This commitment will allow local households to feed solar power into the shared battery during the day and draw from it at night – cutting electricity bills and emissions, and reducing pressure on the grid.

Local households who might be unable to install solar, like renters and people living in apartments, will also be able to draw from excess energy stored in the battery. 

Labor will install an initial five community batteries across Perth: in Coogee, Dianella, Kinross, Port Kennedy, and Stratton. The project areas have been selected in consultation with the WA Government.

All WA communities will be able to apply for a battery under Labor’s Power to the People plan, which will invest $200 million to install 400 community batteries across the country.

In WA, Power to the People will build on the trials already led by Western Power and Synergy.  

This is part of Labor’s Powering Australia policy to cut power bills, reduce emissions and create jobs by boosting renewable energy.

By contrast, after nine years of Liberals failing to settle a national energy policy, Scott Morrison has nothing to offer but photo-ops and marketing tricks – and attacking Western Australians.

Communities across WA deserve better – they deserve an Albanese Labor Government that will cut power bills and work for a better future for all Australians. 

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