More waste, more rubbish: Government spends millions on greenwashing, again

Published on Tue 15 February 2022 2:14pm

Departmental officials today confirmed that Scott Morrison’s $19.6 million Remade in Australia campaign is nothing but wasteful hollow packaging and is not a logo or label that allows consumers to identify products that include recycled material.

While the advertising brandishes a logo that is presumably based on the well-known ‘Made in Australia’ design, the Remade in Australia symbol that was launched in December by the Prime Minister and the Member for Wentworth turns out to be a figment of someone’s imagination. 
Nearly $20 million in taxpayers funds is being wasted to create the impression that the Morrison government has improved the re-use of waste material, especially when it comes to single-use plastic packaging.
In reality, the latest data shows:

In Senate Estimates on Monday, the Department confirmed that no ‘Remade in Australia’ logo exists, and there is no way that producers who use recycled materials can display the logo on their products. 

When asked when the logo or label would be available, Departmental officials said, “the logo that appears in the advertising is a communications initiative only. So it is not currently able to be used on products.”  

It’s not even clear that the logo will ever get used, with officials noting, “the Department is currently consulting with industry about the viability of a scheme that would allow the use of this label on products. It’s very early days in relation to that, and no decisions have been taken yet by the government as to whether that will happen or the conditions that would apply to the label.

Clearly this is a ridiculous and self-serving greenwash campaign being funded with taxpayers money. 

Australia is managing a waste crisis, with falling plastic recycling rates and increasing ocean pollution – yet after 9 years the Morrison government has failed to deliver a single piece of new recycling infrastructure; has broken its commitment to deliver an effective policy for driving the Commonwealth procurement of recycled material; and according to an APCO report its 2025 National Targets for packaging are off-track and will not be met.

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