South Metro under pressure from skills crisis

Published on Wed 24 November 2021 11:41am

Josh Wilson MP Member for Fremantle said locals will miss out on job opportunities coming out of the pandemic because Scott Morrison has failed to address the nation’s chronic skills crisis.

There are now a whopping 85,000 fewer apprentices and trainees in Australia than there were when this Federal Government came to power.

In the south metropolitan region there has been a considerable loss of apprentices and trainees. There are 2,663 fewer apprentices in the south metro region right now – which is a drop of 20% – and this means we don’t have the skilled workers we need, and haven’t created the work opportunities that young Australians in particular deserve.

It means fewer skilled job opportunities available for locals, and fewer qualified employees in the pipeline for local businesses.

Since being elected, the Liberals and Nationals have cut more than $3 billion from vocational education and training, resulting in a serious skills gap crisis.

“Eight years of neglect by the Liberals and Nationals has seriously undermined our ability to emerge stronger from the pandemic,” Mr Wilson said.

“As a country we need skilled workers in both existing and emerging industries. Australia should be developing more skilled jobs, and supporting the training required to fill these highly skilled jobs.”

“This is the only way to ensure that young people in Fremantle, Cockburn and the entire south metro region will be equipped for the jobs of the future.”

“Typically it is only at the last minute that the Morrison-Joyce government begins scrambling to play catch-up in bridging the skills gap – but this is an issue that won’t respond to a quick a fix.”

“Our state governments are doing what they can, but they deserve national leadership from a partner that’s pulling its weight on this important issue.”

“Once again, Mark McGowan and the WA government have had to do the heavy lifting when it comes to skills after the Federal Government have neglected the trainees and apprentices for the past eight years.”

“But there is only so much heavy lifting the state government can do, with the lack of investment and support for skills from the federal government has seen 1 in 5 apprentices and trainees lost across the south metro region alone on Scott Morrison’s watch.”

It comes as the National Skills Commission confirms that more than half of businesses looking for new staff reported they had difficulty finding people with the necessary skills last month.

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