Coronavirus information for the Fremantle electorate

Published on Tue 24 March 2020 4:25pm

The impact of the global coronavirus pandemic is being felt sharply at a local level and yet it is heartening to see our community rising to the challenge of getting through this together.

In order to take care of ourselves and each other – especially the older members of our community – we all need to practice good hygiene and social distancing measures which include:

At this time of crisis, it is essential that people have access to information that is accurate, clear and consistent.

The following are official Government websites that you can rely on:

We know that this crisis will impact people’s mental health, so let’s make a renewed effort to check on one another and ask ‘are you OK?’

If you need someone to talk to, please contact:

“There are some unhelpful and even intentionally misleading responses to the crisis which means you cannot always trust information you read on social media – including on Facebook pages and Messenger – or that you receive via email or text messages,” said Mr Wilson. 

“Even if the information comes from people you know and trust, it does not make it true. As much as possible people should rely on official information, and refrain from circulating material that is misleading or alarming.”

“In the coming weeks and months, there will be issues that emerge in our community that will need to be addressed by the Government and Labor remains committed to helping solve them.”

“We will continue to work constructively with the Government to protect Australian lives, the health of our community, and our broader social and economic wellbeing.”

“If you need help or want to raise an issue with the Government’s handling of this crisis, please contact me by emailing If the matter is urgent, please call my office on 9335 8555.”

“I am committed to serving and supporting the people of the Fremantle electorate with all my energy during the difficult weeks and months ahead.”

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