Clean Up Australia Day

Published on Sun 1 March 2020 7:37am

For the past 30 years, Clean Up Australia Day has been the signal event for increasing both public awareness for and involvement in the conservation and protection of our environment.

Today, I will be cleaning up at Bardon Park in Maylands on the Swan River foreshore.

And while today and every day we can and should all play a part in reducing waste, the greatest scope for change is through national leadership – which is sadly missing from a Morrison Government that continues to offer little substance in terms of national waste policies or investment.

With an export ban on recyclable materials looming, Australia is facing a waste crisis, and that’s only made worse by the inaction of the Morrison Government.

Constantly relabelling old funding, delaying action, failing to implement existing recommendations, and holding endless roundtables is simply not good enough.

At tomorrow’s National Plastics Summit the Morrison Government needs to deliver a clear message on how they plan to curb the deluge of plastics and other recyclables that are set to overwhelm our landfills instead of being remanufactured into useful products.

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