Investment secured for local Fremantle schools

Published on Mon 3 February 2020 1:45pm

As the local member I am glad to have helped administer the Local Schools Community Fund, delivering $200,000 worth of Commonwealth funding for upgrades and new equipment to 12 schools in the Fremantle electorate.

Projects funded through the Local Schools Community Fund include the upgrade of ICT facilities and equipment; playground, landscape, and nature play area improvements; small-scale extension and refurbishment of school buildings such as toilets; and the purchase of new furniture and equipment for learning areas.

There was incredibly strong interest from our schools and my office received a large number of worthy applications to review with the assistance of a Local Advisory Committee.

It was no surprise that the program was significantly over-subscribed with 43 schools making applications for projects totalling nearly $1 million, when there was only $200,000 available for each Federal electorate.

This shows the need to better support key projects at our schools.

Unfortunately the Morrison Government has left it unclear as to whether it will run the Local Schools Community Fund again.

There is no doubt that many schools in our community need additional funding and support to deliver the best educational environment for our students, and to better support the hard work and creativity of teachers and staff.

The Morrison Government has failed to address this gap by refusing to reverse funding cuts made by his government.


$20,000 each

$19,000 each

$11,000 each

$10,000 each

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