Labor and community to send message to PM on Newstart

Published on Thu 26 September 2019 4:41pm

The community will have an opportunity to send Prime Minister Scott Morrison a strong message on Newstart with the launch of Labor’s petition to raise the income support payment.

The petition was launched by Shadow Minister for Social Services Linda Burney and local Federal Labor MP Josh Wilson, in Fremantle today.

The launch of the petition comes a week before submissions to the parliamentary inquiry into the adequacy of Newstart close on Monday.

And last week, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released its labour force figures which showed unemployment rising to a 16 month high, at 716,800, and underemployment rising to a record high of 1,167,300.

Almost one in five Newstart recipients – or over 130,000 – have a job, but don’t receive enough hours or earn enough income to come off the payment.

And the largest cohort of Newstart recipients – those aged 55 and over – has increased by a staggering 45 per cent over the past five years under the Liberals.

Newstart is so low that it stopping people from re-entering the workforce. They are unable to afford the basics and essentials, let alone items necessary to attend job interviews such as new clothes, transport or internet bills.

This week, the Governor of the Reserve Bank warned of further rate cuts. Under Scott Morrison the economy is weak and getting weaker.

An increase to Newstart would be an important boost to the economy, and regions that need it the most. It would also help to lift people out of poverty.

It is clear to everyone except Scott Morrison, Michael McCormack and Josh Frydenberg, that Newstart is inadequate and needs to increase:

And you can add your voice by signing the petition here.

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