Morrison Government remains key threat to Fremantle’s Threatened Species

Published on Sat 7 September 2019 6:18pm

Today is National Threatened Species Day. While we celebrate our local wildlife, we are also reminded of the growing pressures our flora and fauna face under the Morrison Government.

A landmark UN report released in May revealed that 1 million species across the globe are at risk of extinction, and Scott Morrison’s solution for Australia was to refer to the passing of a fantasy piece of legislation that didn’t exist.

Australia is considered to have one of the worst extinction rates in the world. We have the highest rate of vertebrate mammal extinction, koala populations are declining, and the Morrison government doesn’t have a plan to protect iconic Australian fauna and flora.

In Fremantle there are 54 threatened species. I want to thank the local community groups who work tirelessly to try to sustain their populations and prevent their decline.

It’s been tough for threatened species under this Morrison government.

The Liberal’s record:

The Morrison Government remains a key threat to our local species here in Fremantle and Australia’s environment more broadly.

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