Environmental protection and transport clarity

Published on Wed 7 November 2018 5:33pm

I congratulate the WA Labor Government for acting to remove Roe 8 from the Metropolitan Regional Scheme (MRS).

This long-awaited move will help secure the environmental protection of a rare and precious wetland.

It also underpins the clarity and commitment the WA government has shown to a range of sensible and necessary transport projects in the Fremantle electorate, including the widening of the freeway, the construction of the North Lake Road bridge, the MetroNet connection between Cockburn and Thornlie, and the upgrade of High St/Stirling Highway. 

I am glad to have fought against Roe 8 and to have fought for the considerable federal funding contributions to these smart transport projects, which will reduce congestion, and improve safety and local amenity. Under the combination of the Barnett government and the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison government, there was not a single major transport project delivered in Fremantle or Cockburn. 

By delivering on a clear election commitment the WA government restores faith in our community that had been damaged by the Barnett government’s recklessness. We should never forget that the WA Liberals rushed ahead to waste $20 million in taxpayers funds and raze 100 hectares of precious banksia woodland in the shadow of an election, and against the advice of Main Roads WA. 

And we should always remember what a community campaign can achieve — taking heart from the influence that ordinary citizens can have through activism, commitment, patience, forbearance, reason, resilience, and solidarity in a cause that is right.  

Legislation introduced in WA Parliament today seeks to remove Roe 8 from the MRS, rezoning the land between Bibra Drive in the east to North Lake Road in the west as a Parks and Recreation ‘Class A’ Reserve. 

Public consultation will be undertaken in future to determine the appropriate rezoning of Roe 9, which includes 81 ha of land in Coolbellup between North Lake and Stock Roads.

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