Freo rallies under the Containerbow for equality, acceptance, and love

Published on Mon 4 September 2017 4:15pm

Mr Wilson (4:15pm) — I am very fortunate to represent a community that has a tradition of engaging wholeheartedly and constructively in the cause of creating positive change. It’s a community that is happy to discuss and debate the issues of the day, large and small.

I can say from experience that the people of Fremantle don’t mind and won’t shirk the blustery winds that always blow when you’re prepared to walk towards change.

In that vein, on the Friday before last, I was very happy to host a community rally in support of marriage equality under the banner of ‘Fremantle says yes’. It was lovely to see 1,000 people gather at sunset at the extraordinary public sculpture by Marcus Canning called ‘The Container Rainbow’. We enjoyed organising ourselves into a massive, and sometimes dancing, human ‘yes’.

I was grateful for the support of the City of Fremantle and the participation of the mayor, Brad Pettitt, and members of his council who, together, have taken a clear advocacy position on this issue. It was fantastic to hear from my friend and colleague Senator Louise Pratt, who has long campaigned for the rights of LGBTIQ Australians. It was a privilege to hear from the director of Australians for Equality, Tiernan Brady, who spoke from the heart in saying that this shift away from discrimination and towards greater inclusion is not about what but about who. It is about all the many people who will have the right to choose the happiness, stability and commitment that comes with marriage and in so doing can feel, within our communities across Australia, included, accepted and loved.

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