Turnbull Budget continues to take WA for granted

Published on Wed 10 May 2017 11:37am

In response to last night’s Federal Budget, the Member for Fremantle, Josh Wilson MP, today confirmed what many Western Australians have bitterly realised, that the state continues to be taken for granted by the Turnbull Government.

“We were promised fairness, opportunity, and security, but from a Western Australian point of view, in a time of severe economic downturn, we got next to nothing.”

“There isn’t a single new dollar to be spent on infrastructure in WA. The Turnbull Government has managed to find $8.4 billion for a new train line that will go through several marginal seats on the east coast, but for us there is nothing.”

“On top of that, bizarrely, they are keeping $1.2 billion aside for any government that commits to building the Perth Freight Link in future. They’re obsessed with this failed white elephant when they should be investing in projects that meet the needs of our community and that support jobs.”

“The Budget also confirms the education cuts foreshadowed last week which will mean that schools in WA will lose on average $2.4 million each over the next ten years. The education funding fraud means WA schools will be at least $500M worse off than expected in the last Barnett government’s last budget. It is an enormous black hole over the next four years, and it gets worse over the decade.”

“Instead of pursuing sensible tax reform to capital gains tax, all we’ve seen is a tax cut for high-income earners and corporations, with an increase in the Medicare levy for everyone else.”

“Despite the fact that big companies are reporting record profits the Turnbull government is committed to $50 billion in company tax cuts, while extracting a further ‘efficiency dividend’ from public services. Already stretched and dysfunctional, Centrelink services will be further hammered when call centres are outsourced.”

“Critically for WA, this superficial budget does nothing for jobs and unemployment. The budget papers make it clear that there will be no improvement in unemployment over the next twelve months.”

“There’s nothing in the budget to tackle climate change, which wasn’t even mentioned in the Treasurer’s speech.”

“I am astounded that this Budget has so little vision or support to address the challenges in my electorate and in Western Australia more broadly. At a time when we desperately need smart investment to create jobs, lift confidence, and raise productivity, we’ve received not one dollar in new infrastructure funding.”

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